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The Sun's Daily Routine

April 3, 2009
By ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
ravenwing92 DIAMOND, Eastlake, Ohio
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When I woke up from my night’s slumber, with darkness everywhere I see, I was ready for the sun’s daily routine to begin. In a few, the sky turns twilight blue. Across for me, lays the land of flat grass and at the end of the land, I see, is a small red oval. The clouds in the sky turn from their darkness gray to the wonderful colors of purple, red, and orange. Next, the oval becomes a half-circle. Rays began to roll over the land to where they touched every leaf and every living face. The half-circle sits there for a few minutes while changing its red color to orange and yellow. Then, it becomes a full-circle with the clouds in the sky slowly turning to snowy white. The circle gives a signal that life was going to begin. Finally, after all of this happened the circle gets rid of its orange color and becomes yellowish-white while going high into the sky. As I do my daily activities of school and work, I watch the circle shining bright but also watch it slowly lower from the sky. After I am done for the day, I watch as the ending of the sun’s daily routine start. The circle touches the ground with beautiful delicacy as it turns back to the colors of orange and yellow. As the circle becomes a half-circle, some of the rays that touched everything fade away and the clouds turn to the colors of purple, red, and yellow. At this point, the half-circle sits there for a few while changing to the color red. Then, the half-circle becomes a small red oval with most of the rays gone. The clouds begin to turn to darkness gray with the sky twilight blue. Finally, the oval disappears under the ground signaling the sun’s daily routine has ended and as usual the darkness rules the sky again.

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One of nature's beauties. :)

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