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The 51st greatest love letter of all time.

March 22, 2009
By Loralie GOLD, Bowmanville, Other
Loralie GOLD, Bowmanville, Other
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My Dearest Love,

As a new spring begins, mist on the freshly growing grass and the blosoming flowers, a tear is shed. A thought of longing for something you want so bad, like having the answer on the tip of your tongue. Such a delicate thought of forever is taking a risk, but then again isn't love in itself a risk? What was thought to be a tragic ending was a fresh beginning, a new door and the opening to your heart. Already to be bored of the life I have alone, knowing I could have one with you. It is worth such a fight but I would rather already have reached the prize.

Then I sit here and think of the future beyond us, my love. If I am to go before your set to rest, I want you to remember everything I never said. My fondest thoughts of you that were never expressed, and alas I would like to give you my heart, which I never let you get .
My dearest love you opened my eyes to the pearling lights of life, to have someone standing by my side as pure and beautiful as you is a miracle. The fear of death that shadows over me is slowly disapearing as I know the love we have for one another will not.

So I will leave you with this final thought. No matter how far the land between us, no matter how hard we have to fight, such a beautiful prize is worth all the while. For everytime I look at the sun from this moment on, not even such a powerful prescence will give me the warmth I already feel with you. Remember that even though the spirit will dim, the love between us will not, and the doubt that rests on our shoulders, invisible from sight, will not be a competition, for we are stronger, than any wind blown our way.

I love you are three words I thought I would never say again, but I love you, I love you, I love you. I shall think of that day, we say I do, and what I want to say to you, and concentrate on the vows. What should I say? What would be right? The opening line to start off our life. Then something creeps into my mind. We have so much of a story so far, maybe I've already said the words that I am looking for.


The author's comments:
Hoping to be another Ernest Hemmingway or Voltaire.

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