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Face Down

February 14, 2009
By Heyskys BRONZE, Charleston, South Carolina
Heyskys BRONZE, Charleston, South Carolina
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If you are a fan of Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, you'll know the title came from the well known song, "Face Down." Quite a few of my friends have had their tough luck with love recently. One story, my best friend's, touched me because it hit close to home. She is a thirteen year old girl, wanting nothing more than t fall in love. Last year, she found that love, with an online boyfriend. His name was Yume. They were together and broke up four times before my friend decided she was through with him.

She was very sad and recently, I found out what she went through in the months she was getting over him. I learned how he amde her feel. He was kind, sweet, sincere, a devil in disguise. He made her feel beautiful, made her feel happy, made her feel uncomfrotable. She was young, twelve, when he was a big part of her life. He broke her down, broke her apart. He pushed her down, and even though she'd swear she was OK, you could tell by looking in her eyes she wasn't.

She did get ove rhim, by sacrificing a great pert of her heart. Not too long ago, another person came online, a friend of Yume's. My frieind fell in love with him too. She was a mouse, being chased by too many cats at once. When he came, he must have been like an angel, coming to save her. And you know what, evil comes disguised.

He broke her apart. Love comes with a price, a destuctive price. He lied to her, used her. She was a game to him.

She is getting over him, with the help of her frineds. I guess what I wanted to say here is that friendship helps over come anything. She and I have learned together that our friends are always enough, even when you feel like they aren't. Those that really love you, they're there with you, even if they disagree. They'll cry with you. At some point, you'll wonder when they started to love you, then you'll understand that they always have, from the start.

Friendship is something people take for granted. Sometimes, it takes work to make the friendship work. And when it doesn't, the earth and sky and stars cry. A best friend can always tell when something is wrong, even over the internet. And you have to let friendship be enough, because if it isn't, then what is? Friendship binds our lives. Your friends are always hovering in the wings, waiting to catch yo uwhen you fall out of love.

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