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Chemistry Class MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


Hydrogen and lithium,
Atoms galore.

I think I'm in the wrong class,
Just point me to the door.

Test tubes and chemicals,
Anyone have a match?

My lab partner's passed out,
My goggles have a scratch.

Nitrogen and chlorine,
Oh, what a treat.

Why did I sign up for this class?
Oh yeah, I thought it would be neat.

Protons and electrons,
What is an atomic number?

Do I add or subtract?
Boy, I couldn't be dumber.

Neon and cobalt,
I found zinc's atomic mass.

Is tellurium a solid,
Or is it a noble gas?

Carbon and helium,
Does the Periodic Table ever test?

I should have stayed home today.
Please tell me that's not a test.

Frustration and confusion,
That's what I've found here.

I will figure it out some day.
It just might take an extra year.

by Kristen C., Walker, MO

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i love this so much!