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Dear World

June 15, 2015
By shasis GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
shasis GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
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All around me I hear phones locking, computers typing, and phones ringing. I don’t hear much talking anymore. I see people with their heads buried into computers, earbuds plugged in their ears tuning out the rest of the world pretending like they are no longer apart of it, texting “wyd”, “hru”, “lol”  and using emojis to display their emotions. Some of it seems quite useless, don’t you think? Instead of calling your friend on Facetime and messaging , why don’t we go out and talk about how we feel? Idk. Time is fastly drifting away from us and life is slowly ticking away each second spent with our heads glued to the computer. We’re losing necessary social skills and small talk conversations. As we use all of these gadgets, we feel like we are getting closer to the people we’re hiding behind the phone talking to. But really we are only taking steps away. Then, people have the audacity to ask why we never talk to each other about our feelings. No, I’m not dissing technology but just like everything in the world it’s going to have it’s pros and cons. Everyone is logging on to these social media networks inviting anyone who wants to enter their world “follow” them. When they say that they’re “following” you that can be taken literally. The computer has become the stalker’s and creep’s best friend. They can pick through their favorite pictures of you, zoom in and screenshot. It can all be done in the click of the mouse. Little girls and boys are hiding away from the rest of the world, pouring out all of  their feelings behind the computer screen. If only the girls and boys knew all they needed for comfort are the people around them everyday.Letting these unknown people know all their feelings can be just be another thing they need to be one step closer to your life. The same things that you are posting about how you feel are the things the stalker will use to turn around on you and make you feel better at night. Sometimes you may think that person behind the screen can be as they broadcast themselves. How will know until we meet them face to face? I’m not saying that all people online are going to be bad but, I'm definitely am not saying they will all be good. For some reason the keyboard gives us this certain type of “power” to say everything that are mouth is too afraid to say. Bullies and haters are coming on to our social media pages and leaving mean comments telling them “you’re gay” “kill yourself”’  “you’re ugly”. When they say this, what we we don't realize is that this screen has become their reflection in the mirror, something they’re trying to run away from. They’re saying the things they are too afraid to say out loud. Who knows, they could be saying the things that really have to do with themselves. Technology has also been put in good use. It’s nice to know that I can pick up the phone and call my family member or friend and catch up on life. What’s going to the extreme is when I’m on Netflix, Instagram, or Facebook investing myself into other peoples’ lives who i have no clue what’s really going on. To think about it, we really have no clue what that person is like in real life unless we know them in real life. They could be dying inside for all we know and uploading things that have nothing to do with that. I say it’s time we unplug, even if it is just for a little while. Just log off and say hi to the people we have in our lives while they’re still here. It’s time to unplug from the computers, iPhones, iPads, and anything that has to do with technology.

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Here's my message to my generation.

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