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By Anonymous

     You know, there’s something I have to get off my chest. I’m really sick of everyone being so in love. I swear if I see one more I.L.Y. or 1-4-3 on a profile or senior yearbook write-up, I’m going to have to do something about it. And yeah, you’re probably saying, “Wow, what a bitter young woman” or “There’s a girl who’s going to end up single with 37 cats.” Fine, so be it. At least I don’t think I’ve met my soul mate, the one man I’m going to spend my life with at the age of 18. I’ll believe all that when I see it.

I’ve decided to take a more realistic and cautious approach that may be confused with a cynical one, but I wouldn’t call it that. I’m not willing to compromise my future for puppy love and living in the moment, following those ridiculous phrases like “Live it up, senior year!” I have goals and ambitions. I’m not about to go to “I-chose-this-college-because-it’s-one-hour-42-minutes-and-13-seconds-closer-to-my-boyfriend University.”

Believe me, I’ve heard those stories about couples who plan a whole life together and then break up because a slightly prettier girl walks by and the committed boyfriend happens to look in her direction. Next time I hear one my friends telling me that they can’t wait to become Mrs. Perfect with five beautiful children in the cozy suburbs, I might just slap them. It honestly makes me sad to hear teens compromise their lives and futures for something as unreliable and fickle as love. But, on the other hand, maybe I’m more sad because I’m not one of those hopeful teens.

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