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By Anonymous

     That night, excitement kept me awake, andmy thoughts kept me smiling. I couldn’t wait. It was the big day.I had anxiously waited for that day, dreading it at the same time.

In the morning, I crawled out of bed, picturing what the daywould bring. I got ready quickly but made sure everything was perfect. Iwanted to look the best I could, just for him.

I ran down thestairs, glowing. “Good morning, Mom, Dad!” I sang asI planted kisses on their cheeks.

I felt confident that the daywould be unlike any other. I ate a small breakfast, then charged backupstairs to make sure everything was perfect. I glanced in the mirror,dabbed on a little Angel’s Breath lip-gloss and smacked my lipstogether before flashing my best smile. My reflection was what I hadhoped for.

Once in school, I glanced around the halls forsomeone, anyone, to share my news with. As my friend appeared, I triedto hide my smile but could feel it show rightthrough.

“What are you so happy about?” she asked,smiling herself.

“I called him last night!” Iscreamed.

“How did it go?” she responded, just asexcited and knowing exactly who I was talkingabout.

“Well, it was absolutely perfect ...” Irecalled every word spoken between my one true love and me. Everythingwas perfect.

“I’m going to do it today!” Ifinally concluded.


“Nope, I know he likes me, and I love himmore than anything. First hour, I’m going to do it,” Ideclared, a little less confident once the words werespoken.

First hour started in less than 15 minutes! It arrivedand vanished faster than I could handle. Second hour dragged into third,and third hour just brought me closer to fourth. How would I be able todo this? The day was half over and my hopes were fading.

Atlunchtime, too nervous even to nibble anything, I glanced at him. Therehe sat, slightly slouched over and laughing at his friend’s jokes.Every blond strand of his silky hair was where it belonged. His smilewas so incredibly cute, his eyes so deep. He was all I everwanted.

The sound of the lunchroom was no match for my thoughts,but as my friend sat down, her expression pulled me from my fantasy. Icould see the disappointment in her eyes.

“I know, I know,I’ll do it. I’m just scared, what if he turns medown?” I declared.

“Why would he do that? Heobviously likes you, right?” she asked with a littlenudge.

I smiled shyly and looked at him one last time. He glancedmy way for just a second, yet I could feel the warmth, the love in hisdark brown eyes. I would have given anything to have our eyes lock, toread his soul, for him to see how deep my love was.

I stood, sortof unconsciously, and glided over to his table. I almost turned aroundbut felt the urge just to get it over with.

“Hey, Kyle...” I snuck out between the loud thumping of my heart.

Helooked at his friends, smirked, then glared back at me.“Hey,” he said.

“Umm.” I gulped.“Can I talk to you ... for aminute?”

“Why?” he asked, stillsmirking.

“I just want to talk.”

“Do youthink I care?”

“Ooh ... Ooh. You got burned.”I heard through the cluttered lunchroom. He turned to his friends andreceived several high-fives.

I could feel my eyes glaze over. Notnow, not now! Don’t cry now, not in front of them. Don’t doit! But the tears fell, outlining my saddened profile.

I spentthe rest of that day in the nurse’s office, complaining of stomachpains, but it wasn’t my stomach ... not at all.

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i love this so much!

on Jan. 22 2011 at 8:42 am
Sapphire_wing BRONZE, Fukuoka, Other
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Oh. My. Gosh.

That JERK! I have been there and I know how you feel. Worst was he said was really mean. I can still remember what he said... gosh I mean seriously he didn't have to say it... Okay I'll shut up.

I know how it feels and I know how you wanted to cry. I know giving an advise from some one you don't know but don't go near him anymore at all. Its good for you.

I hope you feel better, *hugs*