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The Real Poverty

January 27, 2009
By Mariam Khan BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
Mariam Khan BRONZE, Rockwall, Texas
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Are Americans really poor if they able to live in a comfort zone, able to have a home, food on the table and leisure time to watch recorded programs on their DVRS compared to a child living in a tent by the nearest land fill to scrap out some food to survive in India? In America, more and more families are on welfare because they make less than 50,000 dollars compared to poor Indian families most just try to make it on whatever they are able to do or make. Not only Indian families but families across the globe who live in third world countries, but they have only one concern is where is their next meal coming from? Third world families compared to 'poor' American families there's a big difference from what they truly need and want. Americans who are considered poor according to the government are able to spent more money on luxury items rather than spend on the stuff they get free from the government.

If Americans are truly poor why do they need their HD plasma televisions instead why don't sell them for food instead of asking the government for money? Why doesn't the government provide meals to real families that don't receive much of anything and strive for every meal? Most families that use welfare are not striving but more than capable to provide a meal for each day of the year. The comfort of your own home is not sufficient enough to eliminate government funds for daily activity. The thing simply is that the definition 'poor' in American society completely utterly different from the true definition of 'poor'. The description being poor is accurately describe in third world countries, because being in true poverty results in each and every day fighting for a meal and shelter within their condition.

Americans who are able to seek leisure time unable to pay for the bare necessities need to reorganize their priorities because the welfare money is wasted instead could be invested into other programs. Welfare money applies to other places such as community hospitals, women's abuse centers, adoption agencies and housing, and homeless shelters. The investment in those institutions will be able to provide more and help those families already there. Those people benefit from what the 'underprivileged' families from using money to finance everyday things to save up for leisure items. Americans who truly need that money should receive more than anything because they are probably waiting for their paycheck to fill their children's bellies, or work two or three jobs just to get the bills paid. Those families are unsure about their future and depend on whatever they can make to provide for them. If those families who are financially secure should fork back the cash they receive and it'll help those families in need because then they could have some peace instead of working all day long. They would able to make a little leisure time to complete their studies, or spend time with their kids. This would provide the basic necessity for everyone.

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