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Ten Amazing Fingers MAG

By Anonymous

     Isn’t it amazing what our fingers can do? Without them, we cannot grab multiple objects at one time. Without our fingers, we cannot communicate through sign language or writing. Without our fingers, we cannot easily move things or accomplish tasks. Though our fingers do not receive much attention, they are a crucial aspect of everyday life.

“Isn’t it amazing what 10 fingers can produce?” commented my piano teacher, gazing at me with amazement when I finished Mozart’s Sonata in G Major. “I can almost hear the conversation and humor Mozart placed in his composition when you play it well.” I never thought, until then, about how wonderful our fingers could be.

Our seemingly unimportant fingers that receive neither notice nor appreciation can produce the most elegant sound on the piano. So fabulously made, so marvelously produced, a piano is attractive in its appearance. But what is a piano without sound? And what is a piano without the music? Gorgeous sound could not be produced if not for the correspondence of our ten fingers with smooth white and ebony keys. Stylistic music cannot be produced if not for the coordination of our fingers. Graceful correlation of our fingers and piano allows the production of an infinite variety of beautiful, sweet sounds that float like an angel, tinkling sounds that sparkle like a shooting star, and melodious sounds that float like a feather which often reflects our souls. Not only do our ten amazing fingers create the most harmonious music, but they have an enormous ability to reveal our personalities, emotions and mood through the ways we express a song.

“Isn’t it amazing what 10 fingers can produce?” Ever since my piano teacher’s comment, I’ve often thought about this. It is amazing, isn’t it? It is not merely the piano and the music our fingers present. It is certainly not just about how perfectly our ten fingers can play a song. But it is the fact that our fingers define everything from our ability to accomplish our task, to our character and even personality.

Something about playing a piano always has brought joy to my life and relieved a day of complexity. Playing a piano was never agony or torture, but rather it made my life more fulfilling, knowledgeable and content. What can I have done without my ten amazing fingers?

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i love this so much!

thewriter247 said...
on Sep. 12 2013 at 6:56 pm
So true! I've been watching Sl music videos and it's amazing that people can convey words and ideas just through their hands. It's really beautiful what hands can do! Very nice article, good meaning and depth. :)