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A mother's love

January 4, 2009
By xXpoetryaiXx SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
xXpoetryaiXx SILVER, Jersey City, New Jersey
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One morning i was sitting on the park bench like always.Normaly in a fall morning, I was wondering why the world has become this way.
Drinking my coffee and looking at the sky.I suddenly heard a child cry. i looked at this little girl looking around.
i picked up the nerve to talk to this girl and asked her why was she cryng. the little girl shyly picked up her head carrying a little
teddy bear and said" i lost my mommy and i dont know where she is.' I decided to help the little girl in her young quest.

We looked near and far up and down all the way around. But we didnt find the mother anywhere. We tried so hard but
in the end we didnt see the mother anywhere. I told the little girl where was she when she lost saw her mother. She replied
with her timid voice "Mommy was going to the store Where bunnies play. But i dont know where bunnies play" In my amasement
i knew where she was talking about. Years my mother said the same thing.
Then i took the little girl to the pet store around the park.There we saw her mother full of tears. The little girl whose name i do
not know.Ran to her mother so. Never have i seen a mother glow. I remember my mother when i lost her so.
she would always yell and cry but inside i knew her heart would glow. Early this morning i was thinking whats wrong with the world.
Sure there is alot of wrong things. But that means there is always right things too.
I left the kid and the mother. I called my mother and cryed my heart out because i know thier is nothing more right than a mothers

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