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Eight Reasons Why a Cat is a Better Pet Than a Dog

March 28, 2014
By klegault SILVER, St. Thomas, Other
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A dog may be a man’s best friend, but dogs can be the cause of a family war. They can end a marriage, and even strain your social life. They can prevent you from traveling the world, going out with friends, and having a good time. But what if there were a pet that would not cause such problems? Is it even possible? The answer is a definite yes! The solution to these problems is to get a pet cat. In this feature article, you will discover a pawful of reasons why a cat is a better pet than a dog. You may even decide to purchase a cat!

Cats don’t need to be walked:

Dogs require walks for exercise and to go to the bathroom, and often this puts a strain on a dog’s owner, as the dog cannot be left home alone for more than a few hours at a time. Fortunately, cats do not need to be walked. They can do their business in a litter box. If you allow your cat to go outside, then he or she can run and play outside and do his or her business outside, as well. This saves you from having to clean out the liter box every day.

Cats let you spend time with visitors ALONE:

The wonderful thing about several breeds of cats is the fact that they hate visitors. Depending on the breed of cat, when you have visitors over, they go and hide, whether that is under your bed, outside under a bush, or in your closet somewhere. They don’t bark, paw, haul, or leap at your visitor, like most dogs do. They allow you to spend the quality time that you deserve with your visitors. They may observe from afar, but often times, cats are nowhere to be seen when strange people enter.

Cats are quieter than dogs:

Depending on the breed, some cats may be more vocal, while others are less vocal. Dogs are almost always vocal. However, most cats are quiet and calm animals. Unlike dogs, cats rarely are vocal, unless it is absolutely necessary. A cat may come inside the house from playing outside, and say a quick hello with a “meow,” but may leave. A cat can never compare to a dog, noise-wise.

Cats don’t eat as much as dogs do:
Unlike dogs, cats eat a very small amount of food. Of course, this depends on the type of cat you have, as well as its weight, age, bone structure, activity level, and whether you feed your cat dry cat food or wet cat food. Ten kilograms of dry cat food can last anywhere from six to nine months for a cat, depending on its weight, age, bone structure, activity level and breed, while a twenty kilogram bag of dry dog food can last anywhere from three to four months. This clearly shows the comparison as to how little a cat eats compared to a dog.

Cats are amazing insect repellents:

Like all of us, cats absolutely hate insects including: ants, flies and spiders. That’s what makes them such excellent insect repellents. Instead of spraying a spray to get the flies to disappear or using a fly swatter, let your cat do the work. Your cat loves it! And, you don’t have to use harmful sprays.
Cats cost less to be neutered.
A dog costs a significant amount more to be neutered than a cat does. A cat costs $160 to be neutered, while it costs $290 to neuter a dog. This is an enormous difference. So, if you are looking for a lower-cost pet, than a cat may just be your best bet.

Most cats don’t require haircuts and baths:

The majority of cats do not require haircuts and baths because they groom themselves by licking their fur. In fact, most cats dread baths because they are afraid of water. Cats spend about eight hours each day grooming themselves because it cleans away odor, so that agents will not be detected by predators. By licking itself, a cat also helps distribute its natural oils evenly throughout its coat. This oil is important, as it guards against dampness and seals in heat. Cats also groom themselves because it stimulates the blood flow and it relaxes them,

Cats don’t require a lot of room:

To have a cat, you do not need to have a large house or a lot of room. However, to have a large or medium sized dog, you may need more room than you would need for a cat. This is because dogs can weigh up to one-hundred pounds and be one metre tall, while most cats weigh about eight to sixteen pounds, and may be ten to twelve inches tall.

From reading this article, you have learned a lot about why cats can make better pets than dogs. I hope that from reading this article, you have begun to appreciate the companionship of a cat.

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