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Buying An Election MAG

By Anonymous

   As Americans we have the unique goal of equality. We state that all men are created equal before the law and that everyone has equal opportunity. But our perfect ideas of government simply aren't there. In order to grant these promises, many changes in government are necessary.

Many ancient civilizations based their government on the wealthy noblilities' needs and desires. We have tried to steer away from this type of governing. But have we been successful? In this campaign year it is evident that the only way to win an election is to be wealthy enough to wage a successful campaign.

Campaigns cost millions of dollars when all is said and done. This discourages, and even eliminates, those "politicians" who are not as wealthy but may be just as competent. Campaigns should be set up so that everyone has an equal amount of television air time, flight travel, and other expenses for those who are qualified. Certain standards should be necessary so that the truly capable of men and women can run for election.

By making these changes, I feel we will abolish the current necessity for wealth. Failing to do this could destroy the hopes of many would-be candidates who are even more competent than the current runners. n

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i love this so much!