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A Job As A Teenager MAG

By Anonymous

   As a young teenager, obtaining a job is somewhat difficult. However with the right attitude and effort getting a job becomes an achievable goal. Teenagers between the ages of 15-16 are often looking for jobs for spending money. But getting a job is much more than just earning money.

Jobs are not only a good way to earn spending money but a great way to learn and develop qualities that can be used later on in life. Jobs introduce teenagers into the real world. Jobs teach teenagers responsibility along with respect. Most jobs for teenagers involve direct interaction with people. This helps teenagers become more comfortable in a socially dependent society. The direct interaction with people will help teenagers become familiar with the varied attitudes of certain people.

Jobs require arriving and leaving at a certain time, and following specific instructions on handling and completing tasks. This teaches teenagers a great deal of responsibility and interpreting of instructions. Jobs also teach teenagers respect because not only do you have to respect your employers but also your customers in order to keep your job.

Getting a job as a teenager is very important. Jobs give teenagers confidence and an understanding of the real world. Jobs teach teenagers respect and responsibility. Although a teenager may only get a job for the money which may soon be spent and gone, the four qualities listed above will be with the teenager his/her whole life and are excellent qualities to have. c

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