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By Anonymous

   As a teenager, we have many needs. We need clothes, food, CDs, and other items that help us fit into our surroundings. Unfortunately, nothing in the world comes for free. Some of us depend on our moms or dads for financial aid, but the older we get, the more independent we become and the more our needs increase. Around 16, many us start the dreaded "job hunt." A job to a teenager means more money for more things. But many of us don't realize or take the time to think about all of the valuable lessons we gain from having jobs as teenagers.

In the October issue, there was an article by Andy Fraser entitled "A Job as a Teenager." He spoke of all the values we gain from having jobs as teenagers. He mentioned the responsibility we gain from having to show up for work and doing a good job. Another value is punctuality. Being on time for your job is crucial because it shows your attitude and how you value your position in the workplace. Another skill we get is being courteous. This is especially important if you're working with customers. You have to learn to be polite to the best and worst customers. In the end you gain all these values from your job, no matter what it is. You should take advantage of all jobs, because you gain experience - experience you take into your adult life and profession.

I appreciated this article because I know now that having a job at 16 is not only about slaving away and listening to a bossy employer and getting a measly paycheck. I now know I will also gain valuable skills and experience. -

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i love this so much!

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Nice reflection of another article.  I really like it.