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By Anonymous

   It started with two quick pulls of his index finger,

a signal for me to go to him.

I could see it coming.

An instant shield of sweat

formed over my now reddened face as I struggled to drag

my lead feet and unbending legs toward him

My whole body could see it coming.

As I walked the many miles from my counter

to his office, the others

just stared at the floor.

They knew my fate.

But as I continued my journey,

my fear turned partially to hope.

It probably wasn't what I thought.

It could never happen to me.

Paranoia - that's all it was.

I arrived.

He had a fixed look on his face, but

it wasn't a look of good news or bad news really.

Just a look of indifference.

Ah, indifference - I still had a 50% chance.

The conversation lasted for about a minute and

90 or so words were said.

But I only really remember the last seconds

and the last few words.


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i love this so much!