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We Do Not Know Much

January 28, 2013
By NinjaW GOLD, Indianola, Iowa
NinjaW GOLD, Indianola, Iowa
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We do not know much.

We cannot comprehend much. Just think of the town you live in, the state, the country. It may seem so big. That sixteen hour drive to a vacation spot, that really tall building in that city you have always wanted to see. Yet look up a picture of “outer space”. Each “star” you think you see in reality is another galaxy. Our solar system is hardly a speck in the galaxy we are in, much less the universe. You are much less than microscopic, which seems amazing to the things that we can accomplish. Those two things together make little sense, that something so small can shape a planet and shape a solar system.

Science says the universe does have an end, but yet it is expanding, but into what? Space is ever changing, there are breaks in time. No one knows how. Very few are willing to find out in fact, the reason is much out of fear for the answer if the question has an answer at all.
How did it all begin? What did it begin with? Life from primordial ooze? Primordial ooze itself had to find a beginning!

For everything there is always something else, in theory it would be impossible for there to be no more life in the entirety of the universe, If the question is a question in our own galaxy then what about the rest? But there is little way that humans could score the entire universe to find it!

Science has theories otherwise. If the universe flexes, another dimension is created. Some say that in the world we live in that there are multiple realities. Other have a theory, a quite selfish one, of how each mind has its own dimension and with such you are real, but no one else is. Terrifying, of course, but so terribly interesting. Other come down to earth just to say that everyone sees everything differently, physically as well as mentally. This may seem like an episode of the Twilight Zone, but it is only the beginning.

Back to earth again and still more philosophical questions are asked, how is it possible that although we are so small in comparison to the universe and yet we can do so much and have learned so much. Think of how large and small the universe is, that we can study the smallest things, atoms and cells, and what is inside the cells. We can trace our very existence back to the mitochondrial DNA of one female! That we can clone, that we can genetically engineer things, that we can copy the entire human genome and yet we do not know why we are naturally the way we are. We know how we get our genes, but how they get picked is a different story. Egg+sperm=baby. Most people know that formula, people know how a single sperm gets to that one (or two) eggs and how they develop, but how which half of the genes from the parents is given to the child, is a mystery.

We have gone to space! We can see space and with all of our brain power cannot comprehend it! Still at earth we cannot comprehend much out our daily life although we do try. Our minds themselves are hard to understand.

The author's comments:
This came about during my AP Euro class, we talked about the Scientific Revolution and next thing we knew we thought so deeply about this all of our minds were utterly blown... :)

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