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The Timmys Episode 1: A Long Day's Pizza Break

December 15, 2011
By OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
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(Tim Nelson, 20s, sits clueless in front of his work computer without a single movement about his body. Matt Cooper,20s, and boss to Tim enters Tim’s cubicle.)
Matt-(Checking the time) Tim? It’s 6:30…your shift ended about an hour ago. Corey’s gone too.
Tim-(Coming to) Hm?! Uhm….right…(He grabs a small box next to his things.) I’ll just be going then.
Matt-Tim, you okay? You’ve been kinda in and out of it for a while lately…
Tim-Don’t be so obsurd…Im fine.
Matt-Obsurd? That’s a big word for you buddy.
Matt-I read it in a dictionary once…that book is full of big words! (He pulls a small dictionary from a drawer in his desk.) Check it out once. Its got some really cool big words in it. (He smiles and then leaves with his stuff)

(Tim enters his apartment and places his small box on his counter. He strokes the lid and smiles as he turns to the rest of the open apartment.)
Tim-Poochie!?!? Poochie, come here boy!! (He then leaves the box and continues into the rest of the apartment. The box remains silent for a few seconds until in the distant background a door is slammed shut. Soon after the lid of the box flies open and a gasp of air breaks the silence. RED crawls from the opening first.)
Red-God grief! How long does he need to keep us in there!? We’re only colors here.
Green-(Following RED) We’re not ONLY colors my friend, you know that!
Red-I mean, does the poor kid have tourettes or something!? He shook the box plenty of times!
Yellow-(JUMPING out of the box) WOOOOOO! Oh MAN! That was insane! Let’s do it again!!!!
Red-Let’s NOT…!
Blue-(Crawls out of the opening, but stumbles to the ground.) Haha…classic!
Green-Well, we’re out now (Stretches) I think it’s high time we get some food products into our digestive systems.
Red-I hate your brain talk…
Yellow-Well I LOVE it! Im starving! Let’s chow down! (He stares off into the apartment) whats it gonna be fellas? Mexican,Chinese…?
Blue-I like Pizza?!
Yellow-Or pizza! Whatever it is, Im gonna eat it!
Green-Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We need to consider all the calories and how much cholesterol we’re consuming.
Blue-Dude, not cool…it’s just pizza…
(RED approaches and stands next to Yellow at the edge of the counter)
Red-Im fine with Pizza.
Yellow-Yeah, pizza sounds good!
Blue-Rock on!!! PIZZAAAAAAAA!!!!
Green-(Sighs)…pizza it is. Now,we just need to make our way over to the conventional oven. (points to oven across the way.)
Yellow-Okay-okay…(Bends down in a jogging pose) Last one over to the oven is a rotten egg.
Red-UGH-I don’t wanna do this…
Red-No,come on I really-
Yellow-GO!!!! (He leaps off the counter as the remaining guys jump in fear.)
Red-(Turning to the others) He’s insane!!
Blue-Nah,man…he’s a genius!!!! (He runs forward and also jumps off the edge.)
Green-Hmmmm…(GREEN approaches the ledge, but stops and looks over. He pulls out a small tablet of paper and starts to calculate the fall.) uh-huh…uh-huh…interesting (RED grunts and pushes GREEN over the edge.)
Red-…why do I hang out with these guys…?(He grunts again before also jumping off the edge.)

(Soon after, RED crashes to the ground. BLUE is still lying in place. YELLOW is standing a few steps away with adventure smeared across his face and his hands on his waist.)
Green-That was very unpleasant…
Yellow-(Amazed) Pizza…
Green-I’m not sure we should keep going…
Red-I agree with Green brain! We’ve made it this far…might as well dread the rest of the way.
Blue-Man, you’re such a downer! (Gets up off the ground) Aren’t you starving at least?!
Yellow-and I-agree with mellow yellow…(Starts to laugh)…(Silently to himself)-yellow… (Looks up with a stern face and puffed chest with an erected arm.) TO THE OVEN!!!
Green-Now now-we must not get ahead of ourselves…
Red-here comes the voice of reason.
Yellow-What is it you want Mr.Debbie Downer!? (Starts to laugh again and then to himself) Double negative…Mr…Debbie…?! HA!
Green-We need to MAKE the pizza before actually baking it!
Blue-(Pauses)…Einstein is right,dudes…we need that gooey,saucy stuff!
Green-Cheese and tomato sauce…?
Blue-What?! That’s gross! Who puts tomato sauce on a pizza?!
Green-(pauses)…besides, I cant have cheese. Im lactose intolerant.
Red-Keeps getting better!
Yellow-Yo, cheese boy…red face-
Blue-Dude, that’s MY lingo!
Yellow-THE POINT IS…we’re all starving and after a long shaken day being stuffed in a box, I think I speak on everyone’s behalf that we will eat just about anything.
Blue-…it’s true. I almost ate Green earlier.
Yellow-Well, your intelligence thing DOES kinda make you look like one of those plush Happy meal toys. And forgive me, but you look so chewy and plush like…
Blue-(laughs) Ya see!!
Red-ALRIGHT! Im just as thrilled as the next color when hearing how adorably chewy Green may be…and if ANY of you speak another word that I said “adorable”, I will end your existence as you all may know it!!!
Yellow-(Holding back laughter)…you…you-said…ADORABLE! (He yelps and runs away)


(Yellow peers over the top layer of the pizza. His eyes are gleaming as drool starts to pour from his mouth.)
Green-One more thing! (GREEN pulls out a compass and starts to measure the circumference of the pizza. RED snatches the compass and hurls it in another direction.)
Red-Knock it off!!! Let’s just get this thing in the oven so we can eat already!
Green-Agreed! Now, everyone grab a side and lift.

(They all eventually place the pizza in the oven and close it.)
Green-Splendid! Now(Looks at the clock on the stove top) It should take approximately 15 minutes till the pie is done.
Blue-Dude, I know you’re the genius in the group,but we just made a PIZZAAAAA! P.I.Z.Z.A! Pizza!
Green-Pie is another term for pizza…
Blue-(Pause)…that just sounds stupid…
Green-Anyway , we have quite the mess to clean up. Yellow, if you don’t mind, could you please clean up the cheddar shreds. Blue, you put the tomato sauce back into the icebox. I will clean up the flour on the counter top and Red, you can…(Looks around) you-can…can? Red? Has anyone seen where Red’s gone to? (They all hear a distant knocking before they realize that RED has been placed in the oven also with the pizza.) OH MY WORD!!! Someone please get him out of there!!! (BLUE rushes to the oven and opens it. RED flops from the opening onto the counter top. He flails around like a fish out of water gasping for air.)
Yellow-HA! How’d was the oven? You look winded...(They all hoard around RED.)
Blue-(Laughing) We thought you were a pepperoni because of your shape and color…classic!
Red-Get-AWAY from me!!! I’d-(Coughs) I’d rather suffocate in that tiny lil box we all have to cram ourselves in! IM FINE!!!

(They all jump when they hear the creaking of a door opening.)
Red-It’s the boy…
Green-Oh no…
Yellow-HEAD FOR THE HILLS…!! I mean the BOX!!!
(They all begin to rush towards the box. Hoping on chairs ,boxes, books to get to their destination at the box.)
Green-(Lifting the box open) Quickly!!! (RED hops in)
Yellow-(Stops and stares at the apartment, but then very dramatically) Goodbye cruel world!! Till another day…(Jumps in.)
Blue-(Stops and stares at the oven.)but…our pizza…
Green-There’s always tomorrow…?
Red-(Peering over the box edge) JUST GET IN!!! (BLUE reluctantly jumps in. GREEN nods at the apartment and joins the rest of the colors as he covers them with the lid.)

(TIM enters the room in just a robe and slipper with damp hair.)
Tim-Poochie! Spongebob is on!!! You won’t want to miss it! (His dog POOCHIE hops up on the couch and wags his tail as TIM switches on the television. TIM stops as an aroma catches his scent and his attention is drawn to the oven.) Poochie, did you make something while I was in the shower? (He then approaches the oven, opens it to see the pizza.)
(The colors peer through the opening of the box between the lid and box itself.)
Blue-Man, that’s our pizza…
Red-Hmph…probably doesn’t even taste good…
Green-We fed our creator…I don’t know about you guys but Im satisfied…
Red-The creator looks like he’s had enough pizza as it is!!!
Blue-…I guess what we did was good…
Green-That’s the spirit! Come on, we can come out when he goes to bed… (They all lower back down into the box.)
Red-It’s so stuffy in here!
Yellow-Uh-yeah…it could use some breathing holes.
Red-(Sniffs) or an air freshner!

The author's comments:
This is just a mini series of a cartoon me and a friend are creating.

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