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Worth Death

November 22, 2011
By alwaysandforeverTLW BRONZE, Ridgeway, Ohio
alwaysandforeverTLW BRONZE, Ridgeway, Ohio
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They sat together in peaceful quiet, his head resting in her lap, her caressing his hair, just humming.
He turns a little and looks at her and asks, "If I were about to fall off a cliff, what would you do?"
She said, "Try to save you."
He asked again, "What if there was no way to save me?"
She answered, nearly in tears, "I'd Still try... Every good thing in this world is worth fighting for and I love you too much not to try. Even if I couldn't save you, I'd fight to the death for you."
He turns his head and starts to sob. She wraps her arms around him and wipes his tears away whispering that she would never leave him.
Since then, they've fought and argued, and had their share of pain, but she still loves him, and would still die for him, for he is the one and only thing she's ever had to lose, and the only thing worth living for.
I have fought about him, fought with him, and will always fight for him. No matter what comes, we will prevail.

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