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June 5, 2011
By bookworm29 PLATINUM, Rockville, Maryland
bookworm29 PLATINUM, Rockville, Maryland
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How did Godiva become such a successful chocolate manufacturing company? How did Elvis Presley become such a famous star? How did Abraham Lincoln lead the Yankees to an almost impossible victory? They had the tools for success.
Do you know how infuriatingly frustrating it is to know, to be absolutely certain, that you have the potential to be one of them, the successful, the famous, and the ones who accomplish the impossible, but you just don’t have the tools for it? How can you build a house without a drill or nails? How can you take a test without a pencil or pen? Do you know how much it angers a person to be doing their utmost to succeed, working all day and night, but when they’re an inch away from success, they can’t finish because they don’t have that tool that will get them to the top.
Sometimes it’s a letter of recommendation, sometimes its money and sometimes the tool is just a pencil or a calculator you can’t afford. It just isn’t fair, but who said life was fair?

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