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Teaching the Piper

March 11, 2008
By Ross Myers BRONZE, Griffith, Indiana
Ross Myers BRONZE, Griffith, Indiana
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In the year 2007, there was a man, in the town of Hamlin who wanted to learn. This man, however, didn’t have any money to pay for any type of school. This man’s name was the Pied Piper. The Piper went to the mayor of Hamlin to ask him for a loan so that he could attend school.

“Mayor of Hamlin,” the Piper said. “Give me a loan so that I can go to school.” “Fine Mr. Piper, I’ll give you a loan on one condition,” the mayor said. “There is an election for mayor coming up in one week. If you can get rid of my competition I will give you a loan.” “Okay, but I want more than a loan, I want you to give me the money no strings attached,” the Piper said. After ten minutes of silence the mayor finally spoke. “You drive a hard bargain Pied Piper,” the mayor said. “If you can guarantee my victory for the election I will give you the money.” “Good then I will be back in one hour,” the Piper said as he walked outside.

The Piper went to the center of the town and pulled out a fife from his backpack. He began to play and in about five minutes all of the mayor’s competition was following the Piper. He led them all to an air port. The Piper put all fifteen people on a twenty year vacation to Japan. Then the Piper returned to city hall to collect his money from the mayor.

“Mayor, I got rid of everyone that was challenging you for the position of mayor.” “Pied Piper you are a great fool, I won’t just give you money. You are lucky that I was going to give you a loan,” the mayor said. “You will regret this moment mayor,” the Piper said as he pulled out his fife again.

The Piper once again began to play a song, but this song is different than the other song. In about five minutes all of the teachers in the town of Hamlin were following the Piper. The Pied Piper led them up a three mile path. At the end of the path were mountains. The left side of the mountain there was a cave. The Piper made all of the teachers follow him into the cave. The Piper changed his song and the cave magically closed.

They were in that cave for ten years and three days. On the fourth day the Piper and the teachers came out. There was only one thing different. Now Piper was now the smartest person in Hamlin. The Piper will tell you everything if you ask him. There is only one thing that he won’t tell anyone. He won’t tell about the magic that was in his fife.

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