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Trying to Diet

October 25, 2007
By DDavis39 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
DDavis39 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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Eighth grade year was not the best for me, and so far ninth isn't much better. The guy I liked found out and didn't take it very well. He didn't like the fact that a quiet and unpopular girl liked him. This began a series of times that I starve myself. The first time it lasted only four days of no eating, accompanied with excessive exercising. The second time was the summer I was to be going into ninth grade. I had found out from myspace that some popular kids had been calling me fat and ugly. My so called "best friend" also contributed to this matter by telling me I should have commited suicide when I had thought about it earlier that year. So that summer I starved myself for two and a half weeks, accompanied with excessive exercising. I broke down and told one of the sophomores after she kept pressuring me into telling her why I wouldn't eat any of her snacks at bball. She tryed to get me help. That only lasted for so long. I was benched the first couple weeks of vball and decided to "diet" before my next game. That also lasted two and a half weeks with moderate exercising. Who knows when the next episode will occur? But all you kids out there who aren't happy with yourself, get help before it's too late. If someone's bullying you tell someone about it. Get help.

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