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My Courtyard

September 28, 2010
By dramaticgirl16 GOLD, New Gloucester, ME, Maine
dramaticgirl16 GOLD, New Gloucester, ME, Maine
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Its funny how two people can see the same thing but, they each see something else. Thats what I thought standing under the tree that day. The tree with its wild color leafs that make me think of fall. I was looking up into this simply pleasant tree seeing a mess of branches criss crossing each other left and right, its branches filled with leafs that were a dark red, a sun yellow and a dirty brown. The sun was shining through its leafs highlighting the grass beneath it. To me it was just a tree that had been here since before I was born but, to someone else it could have been a hideout, a place of comfort or even a muse. A crow caws in the distance, I hear some girls singing, making a creaking noise a door is opened, wind rustles the tree leafs and I know that even though its just a tree I recognize its beauty from within.

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