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The Looking Glass Of Love!

September 12, 2010
By VampireDiary GOLD, Greenville, Kentucky
VampireDiary GOLD, Greenville, Kentucky
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I've only known you for seven months, but my heart is heavy for what I can not have. You say that you have no worth, that you have no real important, you say that your stupid, If all of this is true let me ask you a question. if you have no worth, if your stupid, if your not important, if you were mean if you weren't nice than why is it that I love you so much? why do we both look into a looking glass but see two different things. It pains me to see you believe the things you do about yourself. Every time you say these things I fill up with anger, because I know that somebody in your past told you all these things, what hurts more is the fact that you think that nobody cares about you, it is times like this where things get dangerous, for it is during this time when I want so badly to wrap my arms around you and hold on tight and gently tell you what is in my heart, it is then that I want to let you know that You mean the world and more to me, in my eyes you are the world and I want so badly to tell you that I love you.

The author's comments:
This is about a friend that I have strong feelings for, he is very negative about himself and has a poor self image.

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