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By Anonymous

   This is in response to an article in our local newspaper titled "Young Drivers," which described three young females who died in a car accident in Michigan. The driver was a 15-year-old who only had a learner's permit, which was okay, but there was no one in the car over 21. She ran a stop sign and was sideswiped by a huge truck. Because of this, Michigan wants to pass a law establishing three different levels of permits, which would result in an unrestricted license.

The first type of permit would be driving only with a licensed driver (over 21). The parents of the Level One permit drivers have to swear that their child hasdriven with them for 50 hours during the day and 10 hours at night. This level lasts for six months. Level Two would consist of being able to drive alone most of the day, except between midnight and 5 a.m. (unless traveling to or from work). Level Three would be a regular license, which you could receive as long as you were 17 years old, and had completed the two previous stages with no criminal charges or accidents.

The main thing that concerns me is teenagers are often reckless when they get their license. They think they know all the rules of the road and nothing will stop them. In my opinion this law would be a good way to help prevent teenage accidents. More driving time is a good idea. Eleven states have now passed this law. ?

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