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B-50 MAG

By Anonymous

Inspired by a once-traveled road

We would hit
Those parts of the drive
When the trees would get
So fragrant and I
Would close my eyes
And feel so alive
For I knew
It would soon reach
The very last time
That I would smell
Their beauty
And taste it on my lips
I finally realized
That these were the best
Twenty minutes
Of our lives
When the wind it was blowing,
It was dancing all around us
And car crashes
Were put on hold for a season
We would glance
Out at the villages
And towns,
The ones we had known
For so long
And so well
And the leaves would
Sing their melodic song
For the passenger,
Passing swiftly on his way
The hills rolled
For those who cared
And flowers swayed
For those who swore
By this sweet summer air
I knew I would never
Forget this place
So I etched it
In my memory
And traced every little detail
So vividly in my mind
And I portrayed
Every tree
Every flower
Every town
In hopes of driving back again,
Somewhere down the road ...

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i love this !