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April 28, 2010
By LaurenC PLATINUM, Dearborn, Michigan
LaurenC PLATINUM, Dearborn, Michigan
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"Every man dies, but not every man lives".

I had my hand on my cheek, and drool was coming out of my mouth. Nothing about this class is great, and nothing about this class is exciting. Since my teacher dislikes creativity, I'm forced into an atmosphere that I do not like. I feel the walls closing in, and all I have is this one window, to escape I begin to stare. What I see isn't the football field where we won state championships, but it's another field. A field of rye but as I like to call it, it's a field of gold. My mood changes in an instant, swaying in the field makes me so alive. Smelling the fresh air, being alone where I can read all day, enjoying the sunset, camping out and playing the guitar around the fire, singing sweet melodies. This is heaven to me, and I clench onto what I have now, in my mind that is. Maybe one day it won't all be a dream drawn out in my head or just something that sounds good on paper. Maybe one day I'll take that road trip to fulfill my dreams.
Scenery is what inspires me and it doesn't have to be the most breathtaking view. It could be a broken down shack that I find inspirational. From that I could write poems, I could have ideas for a story, or I could even write a song. On the outside I don't look like much, but inside my soul a lot is going on. And I can see further into anything I look at. I can stare at one thing, and be mesmerized by it for hours. Thinking where it came from, what's its origin, how old it is, what makes it special, and so forth. From my point of view, I think that we all need to get away to that special place once in a blue moon. My place can't be found on the map, it's found within myself.
My creativity makes me who I am, and so does my writing. While looking at scenery, the field of gold for example it makes me not only think, but it sets this mood where my insides heat up, but in a good way. Scenery can boost my confidence. It can make my moods. Most importantly, if it's somewhere I know that's special, I can write. It's amazing how something in front of me can make my writing beautiful. What makes me satisfied is something good to look at, and i'm not talking about a guy and a certain something in front of them. But If you really think about it, something good worth looking at could be the plant that's planted in your front yard or that vineyard you've always wanted to go to. Staring at those pictures can only make a person dream, like it does to me. And it's shown throughout my artwork, my writing, and my heart.
Looking out into that field makes me wonder if there's anything beyond this. If there's anything more to live for. Because after seeing such an unforgettable view, I don't want to go back to reality. Breathing in such beauty, rising my head to the sky, I'm thinking I can finally write. I don't want to go back to reality. Yet I still haven't taken that road trip

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This piece pretty much sums it up..

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