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A mytery unknown, An answer untold

February 10, 2010
By Moondust SILVER, Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania
Moondust SILVER, Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania
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Chapter 1
A lady dressed in black professional clothes stepped out of the door and marched across the floor to the other room. An older man typed furiously at his desk showing the many faces of the characters he was typing about. The clock on the wall ticked past four. I bounced my leg in order to send the nerves there instead of crowding my mind. It didn’t help. I was too fixated on what awaited me beyond the office door. I tried tapping my fingers, even banging my head off the wall until I could no longer stand. I let the thought pass and focused on the knob of the door. "How long do these meeting usually last?" I ask myself. The silence of the room was unnerving. An unknown voice in the room spoke up "they usually don’t last that long. She scares the wits out of them until they wish they were dangling off a cliff instead of meeting her". I look around to find the source of the voice but no clues present themselves until I look in the old mans’ direction. A huge grin from ear to ear wrinkles his face. He bursts out laughing uncontrollably until the door to the office bursts open and hits the wall. A lady in bold navy blue steps out and faces the opening in the wall. "How could you have the nerve to speak to me in that tone!? I am one of the most important people of this school! I didn’t mind all the strange happenings, but if you say it like that to me!!! I have suspicions that it’s all your fault! I will prove it and hand you over to the police.". A small voice reached my ears "thank you for meeting with me today. Have a nice day". The lady in blue practically ran out of the room, her face a shade of purple.
"You can go in now" the old man said to me. A grin still marking up his face. I eagerly stand up and glide across the floor to the office. "H-hello?" I ask as I step in the doorway. The woman behind the desk was wearing a diamond necklace, most likely real, a three quarter dressy shirt and her hair was up in a fancy bun. She stood up and walked around her desk extending her arm. "Hello and nice to meet you. I am the principle, Miss Shirley Rockwood." I shook her hand and she continued walking to the other side of her desk where she picked up an envelope and faced me. "Please sit" she pleaded. I plopped down in the chair and lifted my shoulders, intending on hiding my face. "There is no need to fear me, yet. It is when my trust and faith in my students reach an all time low, that they must fear me with every breath of fresh air they steal from me". She begins to open the envelope and pulls out the papers. "These are copies of a few documents I collected over the years. I am giving you these copies trusting that you will not share this information with any of the other students". I question her "but why me? I have done nothing special. I’m less than ordinary". She looks at me with a sarcastic face "and that is why I chose you. You are no smarter than the average student, few friends and none are popular with high ranks in this school and also, because your athletic ability is that of a blackbelt. I understand you try and hide it during gym class as to not embarrass the other students, how thoughtful, but your coach recognized right away the potential you hid.". Puzzled, I question her again, "but why me? That doesn’t make me special. I don’t even know what the papers are but I do know that anyone at this school could do it better than I can". It felt like she was to drop from ezaustion from explanation. "Understand this, anyone who knows of what these papers hold, receive a chance no other will get the chance to receive. I chose you because you are not special. Actually, you are way below special. Nothing great that you do is ever recognized because you want the other students to feel recognized and appreciated. You have the knowledge to kill a human being but yet you never even get close to bruising them. You control your anger unlike anyone that has come to this school in quite a few years. You also hold in your emotions, so none of your classmates ever know if you are in a good or bad mood. I only know of one other student that can surpass you in your abilities. He will be helping you. Consider this, an undercover mission. These are your mission papers. You fail me, and I will promise, you will never get into a good college.". The room lay silent. I stair at her desk as to hope this wasn’t happening and all I needed to do was press the reset button. It still didn’t help. I could feel her eyes piercing through my skin, knowing everything I was thinking, and wanting to do. My heartbeat steadily rose. If I helped her out, could it put my family and friends in danger? If I refused, my future will forever be forgotten. My future is in the hands of the present. "Okay. I will help you, under one condition". She looked me strait in the face as to tell me ‘make one wrong move and your life ends here’.... "What is your condition". I take a deep breath "If I can include my three best friends. Im sure they will be able to apply their knowledge to this task as well". She lightens up "Very well. Your friends may accompany you. Do not under estimate me. Remember what we’ve talked about. You may leave". I stand up and my legs feel like they are to give in. I stand up strait and walk out of the office.

Chapter 2
I dial Stacy’s number and press send. The phone rings. Anticipation rolls up my sleeves as I wait for her to pick up the phone.

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on Apr. 2 2010 at 7:43 pm
umm...was that fiction or nonfiction? because the heading says non, but it felt like fiction...