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Poem To A Brother MAG

By Anonymous

    You are my dear friend

We laughed till it hurt

swinging as high as we could,

holding our breath past the graveyard

on Main Street

eating the crispy snow,

building your fortresses

I followed your lead.

Hiding from pollution,

our faces covered with dirty

saliva-soaked turtleneck

smelling like my sucked and swollen thumb ,

"don't let the bad air in."

In awe of the dense world

behind the house

twinkling green like shallow

water by the shore

the sun pouring into its surface

and reflecting back, brilliant.

Beams of light shot through

those leaves. Silver shine.

Your castle stood,

two massive trees with colliding branches,

our homemade canopy thrown over:

a ceiling,

a tent.

We were medieval playmates.

Raisins and peanuts: our favorite snack;

the yellow lawn chair ,

big enough for two ,

it left irritated designs on your

soft skin

itching, pinching like the

wool sweater Mom wanted me to wear,

But we lay there all afternoon

never without our motorcycle helmets on

in case we crashed.

Do you remember, brother?

Smiling, smirking with wild eyes

showing me the shortcuts.

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