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Observances and Promises

October 20, 2009
By Emily Mihailescu GOLD, East Falmouth, Massachusetts
Emily Mihailescu GOLD, East Falmouth, Massachusetts
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When your 14 years old, your feelings change, you grow up, you feel like your invincible. Your living in the moment not pausing to worry about tomorrow or the next day or the next. Dreams are fresh , and your motivated by the glamorous side of life and all that you think it offers . By dwelling on those thoughts and the subject matter , there desires are fueled and there ambitions become brighter and more focused .They set there heart on there goals , and many are convinced they will be the people heard through IPod speakers or viewed on the silver screen .But you know what I have observed ? That the initial feeling of invincibleness doesn’t last forever. People’s hearts are broken and mended, broken and mended, and through a repetition of these experiences, some of our dreams and ambitions bleed out . It is true that our life’s coarse molds us, and most of us mature as we age, but often times life’s seemingly endless monotony takes its toll on the hearts of men. Dreams of Ferraris turn into the reality of mini vans , and fantasies about having a wife like Pam Anderson turns into the reality of having a soccer mom for a wife , who’s clothing style never left the 80’s . What happened? Time. Over time, the redundancy of life and the overall rhythm of daily habits take there toll, gradually and sneakily numbing the thoughts and dreams that come along with invincibleness. But why does everyone allow themselves to be lured to sleep by the struggles of everyday life? I’ve made a promise to myself I’m never going to give up on my dreams, no matter what life slaps me in the face with. I’m going to live for today, not for tomorrow, because that way, I’ll never regret yesterday. I promise to the world that I’m going to dance to my own tune and make sure they know what I rad little beat it is, so watch out world! I hope to goodness that everyone out there, no matter what there age is, realize it’s never to late to reach for the stars, regardless of if your 14 or old enough to be Beethoven’s grandmother, it doesn’t matter. The tantalizing prospect of feeling invincible once again holds itself out to those people who are brave enough to take that huge leap of faith and grab it by the hand . Al’s you have to do is open your eyes to see what a beautiful feeling that you are reaching out for .

The author's comments:
"Theres nothing in life that you cant have or acheive if you don't want it bad enough"-DJ Ashba

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