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My Best Friend

September 18, 2009
By day-dreamer BRONZE, Roby, Texas
day-dreamer BRONZE, Roby, Texas
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I have a friend.. who hasn't always been there for me. We've had tough times and ups and downs. But when i found out she was cutting herself... I was scared for her and myself. She told me not to tell anyone but what was i suppose to do just let her continue until she commited suicide. I pulled her aside one day, and she told me somethings that made me cry. (I rather not say what happened.. too :(
She showed me her scars about five to ten of them in the last TWO days.. i couldn't belive it. We talked for a while and then people started seeing her scars and said she was only doing it for the attention, and she was just trying to be emo. Which was not true, Emo Kids do not cut there selves.
I told her to come to my sunday class and she said she would come but never showed up. The next day at school she didn't show. On Friday she told me her mom were moving because of her mom's bf.... I didn't know what to do with out here so i called her and she confronted me and said that she showed her mom what her boyfriend was making her do. because of what he was doing to her She would cut herself. She showed up on Tuesday and she stopped cutting herself. She talks to me about everything and when she told me this i knew i would have to be brave and i told my parents and ..... the rest is history. She's fine now that she's back with me and she goes to consuleing now.....

The author's comments:
This is a true story.. i was terrified about what she was doing and if was a tough time for me and her.. it still is

Trust all of your TRUE friends.. they will be the ones that will be there in the tough times.

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