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the voice inside

June 29, 2009
By tyler SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
tyler SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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I’m looking for something I can’t find it here I can’t find it there my mind is racing the keys on the board don’t make sense the words flow out of me till there’s nothing left I’m looking for a clue something to keep me going but I just keep running into mental walls . Walls that I want to burn, Kill and destroy without using plagiarism red lines flow across my work as the keys start to make some kind of sense as words and rhymes of the dead pulse through my veins I’m still looking for something to go with my own rhyme and now I find myself rambling like it’s no one’s business and I keep missing the keys that I want to push and the keys that I don’t want to push flow through me more vibrant than the ones I want and now I’m confusing myself so don’t feel special and I’m not sure what I want or how I’m going to get there. And all in all I’ve seen about 3 periods and I’m thinking so fast that I’m running out of breath my heart beats my fingers move and my brain crashes into the wall that just said hi. All in all I’m just rambling my thoughts but this isn’t even half of it I could ramble for days and still keep going and all you’ll find yourself doing is getting more and more confused I don’t even know what the hell is going on temptation muddies with wants and needs and all I find myself doing is letting the best part of me go. Which part is that? Hell if I know but I think I’m searching for it or maybe not. Do you see my dilemma? Yeah me neither. My world flips over twice and I end up on the same page in a different book.

The author's comments:
i sat down and this came out.

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