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the multiple universe theory

May 26, 2009
By windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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what is the multiple universe theory, you might have asked yourself when you saw the title? well the multiple universe theory is basicly stating that there our duplicated universes that are the exact opposite of ours. how it works is that every time a decition is made that had a flip side to it, our universe will duplicate itself and in the opposite universe your choice would be the opposite of what you chose. most poeple find this sceptical, but there is some proof to this theory. the first piece of proof that i know involves light and cardboard. take the cardboard into a dark room, put one hole in it, shine light through it. one light beam will shine through it. put two holes in it and three light spots will apear. now comes the part that you cant test, there will be light particles in all three of the light spots, were there should be only two spots of lights with particles. the last piece of evidence i know is using atoms and splitting them into two halves. once there split they will start spinning in the opposite direction of each other. then you can take them to opposite sides of the earth and force one to spin in the opposite direction. at the exact same time the other half of the particle will spin in the opposite direction of the other one. how the other one knows that the other particle spun in a different direction from across the world is the qustion for this one. the only thing that i can think of wouyld be that there are four particles, two in our universe, and two in the other. the one in our universe would spin to the left, then the one in the one in the other universe will spin to the right, vise versa with the other halve. in bothe universes one will be spun the opposite way, but all of them are the same particle. all of them will respond to each other, so when, in our world, we force the one thats spining left, to go right, and in the other iniverse they forced the one thats going right to go left. that gets all of the particles spinning in the opposite direction at the same time. so that is all i have on the multiple universe theory. sorry if i confuse you with this article!

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