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Utter Success

June 1, 2022
By Sarah-Anis BRONZE, Karachi, Other
Sarah-Anis BRONZE, Karachi, Other
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He who thinks he can and he who thinks he can't are both right. (Confucius)

Today, people perceive success in the mortal colors of the world and its mirage. Luminous things attract you in different stages of life. In childhood, all the interest is in amusements. In adolescence, there is a temptation for vaunting ornamentation. In old age, man's focus is licking each other over wealth and children. At every stage, what you fascinate, in the next stage, it fades. In eternity, you'll know that all these diversions were illusory. Success is the comfort of life after death.

You are an exceptional creation of God. You have the power of intelligence and reasoning. So, aimless life is like a ship without direction, at the mercy of sea waves to take you wherever waves go. It isn't amoral to go with the flow, but Such a ship can't reach the shore. Identify the why of your life. Set goals and conquer this and the next world.

It isn't about being a social worker or an NGO owner. Success never distinguishes between petite or huge actions. It looks for morality. It's is boundless. Starting from yourself to the world and then extending to the hereafter.

The vital moment is when you make a difference, no matter if the change is in yourself. In this way, people will absorb your #positivevibes.

You succeed when your soul finds peace and prepares for eternity. You will prevail if you make someone happy, serve someone, control your thoughts, enjoy jiffies, connect with the almighty, right off negativities, or you do anything in your capacity.

The author's comments:

Be #Unstoppable. Leg pullers make you stronger they exist as they never accepted failure nor victory. Make an effort and leave results to God. It's up to him that when you will get its fruit. Be sincere; you'll assuredly achieve success, maybe not in this world but for eternity.

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