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A melodic contemplation

December 5, 2021
By Nid.Lilly SILVER, Olympia, Washington
Nid.Lilly SILVER, Olympia, Washington
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Music is an interesting subject for contemplation. A strain of song may be not embellished or elaborate in essence, yet the delicate tinkle imparts the same wonder upon the audience. The facets of music work in tandem, in its nature to manipulate the emotion of the audience; a melody may evoke sympathy while the rhythm parallels with anger, layered with despair-eliciting intonation coupled with a desperation built up with articulation; the attacca into the next battle ending with a dramatic flourish of the maestoso finish played con forza; the interweaving of all the aspects and classifications of music develop into a fine tapestry depicting an intricate story, all to release the audience from the constraints of their physical bodies and sweep them up with the tide of the music to another level of consciousness. It takes skill indeed of a performer to toss the audience into the undulating plane of emotion from the music while full of apathy for the music, perhaps even delving into hatred for the audience favorite of Canon in D, the artists full to the brim with distaste while charioteering an excursion to a land full of sentiment through the heart-wrenching melodies. 

It is a performer's skill that cannot be left unacknowledged to convey emotions they do not feel in regards to a piece. This skill is also perceived from the masterful manipulation of the hauntingly beautiful yet simple melody into one that takes the souls of the audience and ties them to the strings of a hundred balloons. More must be emphasized in regards to the music itself. Such a simple melody should not have the right to such crushingly delicate refrains. The canon creates a gradual layering of the music combined with increasing complexity in a variations style that is mirrored in the audience’s own emotions in a developed braid of elegance, charm, and gracefulness supported by the steady basso continuo that all musicians despise with the same passion that the audience has in reverence. The base is yet again the root of all music, the solid, steady, and simple selection that supports the entire system of the world; at the center of all is a plain cube that has yet to go through the ministrations of shaping, painting, and adorning to become a beautiful ornament, yet it holds beauty in itself, in its simplicity.

The author's comments:

A piece developed to mimic the style of Henry David Thoreau's Walden; or, Life in the Woods

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