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The cost of the modern age

April 25, 2015
By VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
VM709 DIAMOND, Ormond Beach, Florida
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" It has become appaligngly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. " Albert Einstein. This was written back in the mid 20th century, back when computers were a thought of science fiction writters and calculators were not used for simple mathmatics. Addressing this we face a question - to turn off our screens for a week or to leave them on and proceede as normal . However with facing this issue we face an issue which has and will continue to redefine humanity as know it - is technology hindering our abiltiies acadimically , physically, and socially?
  Myraids of people claim that as technology advances our senses of private property and self privacy are declining at rapid rates ; however many people disprove this by saying many precautions ar ein place to prevent the public accses of covert information on social networks and the global interconnections. In 1974 John Brunner stated this , saying , " There are no more secrets . " The cell phone was not invented untill 1979. The floppy disk was just created in 1970. In a year before the advances of technolgoy a revered man states that " there are no more secrets " in reference to the global use of social connections , what does that say about technology at its stand point today as it becomes increasingly filled with hackers and the unattentive users .Legaglly anything you do on the interent can be tracked against you , admitted by multiple officals in the united states and local goverments as well as those involved in microsoft and google program,ming. Everything you do on the internet can be tracked against you in essence. So why do we so attinetevly trust our lives and secrets to that which is faulty?
While no one denies the fact that bullying has been seen more since the devlopment of technology  - the supporters of the technological evolution state that bullyign has not increased but it has simply become more noticable. However this logic does not stand to the statistical evidence retrieved from many records . Since technology has become introducded in the evry day household bullying has gone up dramtically. Technology has increased socitieies ideas of perfection and allowed accses to spreading these ideas of imperfection in other individuls through the use of buttons. At the tip of a finger and without a trace one can state their true feelings in someones mind and never see the consquences of their actions. Cyber bullying has become an average problem and it cannot be traced and tracked by a counsler as it can happenb every hour of the day any day of the week. To prove this it is said that in the most recent survey 16%  of students admitted to being cyberbullied , imagine how many did not admit to it. While bullying might not have been as noticable back before technolgoy it was certainly not as intence and malicing , nor was it able to be done 24/7.
The idea that technology has led to the increase in pyshological disorders is a controversial one to say the least. Argurers against this statement say that this is simply due to the rapid population growth in third world countries and the lack of understanding and overdiagnose in many first world coutnries. While these may both contribute to it the pieces of the pzzle fit perfectly together connecting technology usage in excess and the increase in pyschological disorders. Many people ages 15-24 are effected with eating disorders . While eating disorders existed pretechnological age they have gone up dramtically. The use of photoshop and the accses to blogs and pictures have created a size zero philospuphy in a global transtion leading to a world wide phenomana of starvation amongst men and women of young ages and low self esteem. Technology in exssesive use , especially in violent sites and games , can also have a direct correlation to scrizophrania. Technology itself causes isolation amongst many individuls and this can lead to depression and socail anxiety disorders. While in all we cannot alone blame technology and the exzcessive use of it for the increase in pyschologic`al disorders it has played a dramatic role globably as it diffused in harming the mental stablity of the world around it.
  Back in the 20th century Einstein said that technology was taking on a more important role than humanity and hasnt this proven true? We are humans we were fearfully and wonderfully made . We are complex intities that are made of millions of billions of genes and processes which together make a functiong creature which can caculaate a trignomantrey equation and one that can tapdance concurrently. We are a specis that is unique from anything in the world and yet as we are so advanced we have created that which is taking u over  and reshpaing the unique complex machines that we were meant to be. Technology has truly taken over every aspect of our lives .

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