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Ashes, Ashes...

November 10, 2014
By Jeremiah1234 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Jeremiah1234 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Are we all safe from Volcanos? Not likely, Volcanos could be the worst also the most destructive natural disaster in the world. The worst comes from the hot lava flowing into small towns and dry forest, which may flow into large populated areas, burning and melting buildings, cars, items, and some unlucky people who have no chance of survival at all. It’s probably impossible to stop a volcano from erupting and killing hundreds, thousands, and maybe millions of people in the world. Volcanos are the worst natural disaster in the world.

    Volcanos are a mountain that forms a pool of lava underneath the surface of the earth. Too much pressure will make the volcano erupt. Magma, Rocks, and Gases pop out the top of the volcano. Eruptions also cause lava flows, falling ash, etc. They could also cause other natural disasters on top of that, natural disasters such as Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Mudslides, and Rock falls.

   Some Volcanos are worse than others, but Supervolcanos dominates them all. A Super Volcano is a volcano that has a thousand times larger eruptions than any normal volcano. There are a total of 6 Supervolcanos in the world today, they are active also. If a Supervolcano erupts, the world would be in great danger. The lava itself isn’t really dangerous, it’s the volcanic ash.  Breathing the ash would leave respiratory burns, the ash alone could make buildings collapse and also would make travel dangerous, making it hard to see, and the ashes could interfere with electronics around the world. If anyone survives, it would cost the whole United States $3 trillion in damage. This could also cause Volcanic Winter, The ash would block out the sun, making the United States freezing cold, and it would make crops die of frost and water freeze, and everyone would be in danger.

Volcanologist studies volcanos and how they work. They also study volcanos during eruptions, measuring the volcanos, the temperature, the aftermath, etc. They predict volcanos too, evacuating people nearby from the eruption. Homes and items would be destroyed but everyone would be safe. Hopefully we could find out how we could stop volcanos.

In conclusion, Volcanos has to be the worst natural disaster in the world because once a supervolcano erupts, we’ll all be in danger.  It’s almost impossible to stop volcanos, if we could; we’ll all been safe from previous volcanos. Will Yellowstone Caldera erupt soon? Let’s hope not.

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Volcanos, In my opinion is the worst Natural Disaster in the world

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