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What Made Me Who I Am Today

October 28, 2014
By Darius_Nobles GOLD, San Angelo, Texas
Darius_Nobles GOLD, San Angelo, Texas
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'Today you are you, and that's truer than true. There's no one alive that's youer than you." Dr. Seuss

When my name written on every paper I write, who am I supposed to be, someone special to be able to have my own personal addition. I consider myself a regular human being who's not afraid to show who are really in despite the critiques that most people considered to be friends. I know that being myself is only true way to live and honest life no matter what family will always have your back, friends won't judge you for what you're going through, and associates are those that sometimes come and go. I can honestly say I don't have many friends but there is always that one that's going to always have your back through thick and thin. Even though one is a small number, I am proud to say that I one person that can truly call a friend.
Home is where you find peace, and in Houston, that is a very difficult place to find. I leave is a little community known as Bellaire, TX. This place is where I am not afraid to leave a door or window unlocked or to leave my car with a neighbor. The most people give a nasty stairs to hear where I come from because of my race, but I will not let that stop me from becoming who I want to be. I am going with being an African American child, who grew up in the city of Bellaire, Texas raised by two divorced parents, because I am one of the few people who can say I'm proud of who i am and where I'm going. In the end I'm the one I see in the mirror, and If I can't stand myself, then who will.
My day to day life would consist of a daily question. Every morning I wake up and ask myself that question in throughout the day my goal is to be able to answer that question. This keeps a mouth full of ideas in a wide variety of information. Days are mostly unpredictable like will I lose control one day until I do something that I would what someday. Every day I live I'm preparing myself for the future in the United States Air Force. Starting with waking up early, cleaning, and shower within a time limit. Personally goals are a dream until it happens, because who knows if they're going to even make it past high school, and if they do, who's to say the world had a different plan for your life. I rather not set goals and rather say that joining the air force is merely a wish that I hope to come true in the near future. I can't understand the people that you see in day-to-day life almost 30 people did not plan the careers to be what they turned out to be. People can do all they can, but in reality I it's not within their control.
My philosophy is not considered a philosophy but a metaphysical experience explanation of the nature of being. It's spectacular that the world can survive solely on faith, yet no official knowledge had been found. Religion is not my strong point, neither is the world and how it works, but I am merely just a small person in a big world.

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