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You Don't Have to Hate School

August 5, 2014
By The_Book_Thief GOLD, Brownville, Nebraska
The_Book_Thief GOLD, Brownville, Nebraska
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School. Everyone hates it. Well, almost everyone. Admittedly, they have good reason to dislike it. Sitting in a classroom for seven hours a day, then going home to do homework is not pleasant. In fact, it is awful. However, there are some (myself included) who think that school is okay. I kind of like it.

At this point, you are probably wondering why the heck I would like the bane of your existence. Well, it probably helps that I’m homeschooled and school takes as long as I make it take. Math doesn’t have to take an hour. Writing can take as long as I want it to. Just as long as I get my day’s work done, mom is satisfied.

I know, it sounds like the good life. But really, is there anything awful with public schools? I know you are supposed to hate it, and I know it isn’t particularly enjoyable. Still, exactly why do you hate the school work?

There isn’t anything wrong with it. The sad thing is, most of us honestly don’t like it because it is challenging. Everyone has a subject that they actually don’t like, but for the rest, we just don’t like them because they pose a challenge. It isn’t your fault. That is how we were born, myself included.

How do we escape this awful inheritance that we don’t really mind? Simple. We tell ourselves that there is an end, that there is something to be gained by trying to do the best we can. Finishing school with good grades means more scholarships, job opportunities, and a feeling of satisfaction. You will be better prepared for college and the world in general if you try to enjoy school. That doesn’t mean you have to succeed, that just means you have to work past that deep, ingrained dislike of challenges.

One way to start not-hating school is easy. Read. There are so many different books out there that you are bound to find at least one that you enjoy. It won’t make you instantly love school to death, but it will help with literature. You will start to like finding why you like certain books and not others. You will like criticizing, and naturally, that will mean you will want to tell others about the books.

Overall, my point is that you don’t have to hate school. You don’t have to wish school didn’t exist. Despite your beliefs, you can even enjoy school. That isn’t guaranteed, but it will help to try. Trust me, school is a lot better when you stop hating it.

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