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The Advanced Studies Leadership Program

February 26, 2012
By KatieCurran SILVER, Pocasset, Massachusetts
KatieCurran SILVER, Pocasset, Massachusetts
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“So that’s how you are spending your summer?” This is the question that many people may be asking some high achieving kids on the Cape and Islands and surrounding areas. Cape Cod is beautiful region in southern Massachusetts.
Yes, roughly 150 current 7th and 8th graders spend 3 weeks of their summer at the Advanced Studies Leadership Program. ASLP is a program run by the Cape Cod Collaborative and is held at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Students scoring in the top 10% of their grade on the MCAS, and living in the area serviced by the Cape Cod Collaborative, are nominated to participate in the program.
Now that the statistics are laid out, you’re probably wondering what this program entails. It is a camp that features something for everyone’s liking and provides a college like residential experience. Yes, students do live at the MMA during the week for 3 weeks. Campers are assigned a roommate from another district, make friendships, and explore what it’s like to be away from home.
The program includes morning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, modules that use the MMA’s state of the art facilities. Students learn things that they would have never been exposed to. They explore the world around them through ecology, engineering, oceanography, and much more.

ASLP campers reach out of their comfort zones and try different challenges. ASLP’s unique field trips take kids rock climbing, sailing, swimming, and much more. If kids are familiar with a particular subject, they can teach their friends about it. Everyone learns from each other and has a good time.
Every student is assigned a pod group and pods compete against one another. The friendly competition challenges students’ creativity, athleticism, and everything in between. Every Thursday night, pods dress up for themed socials and show their spirit. As the final social, campers enjoy the MMA’s ship; the TSS Kennedy. Each participant has laughs and dances the night away onboard.
Every student gains friendships and knowledge that lasts them a life time. Students bring what they have learned into their communities. ASLP is a well rounded camp that creates a unique twist to summer fun. I truly enjoyed my experience at ASLP last summer and will never forget it!

The author's comments:
This article features an insight on the wonderful leadership program I attended last summer. I loved ASLP!

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on Jul. 9 2017 at 1:39 pm
I'm going this year and I absolutely hate it. I have no friends in my pod and the classes drag on forever. The only way I'm able to get myself through the day is by not thinking about it and saying to myself "It's almost over".