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A Revolution Would Have Occured

March 26, 2011
By Annabellen GOLD, Bedford, New York
Annabellen GOLD, Bedford, New York
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The colonists would have still revolted without the Stamp act and the proclamation of 1763. They fought for their independence in the Revolution because the British tried to take control of the colonies. The colonists were mad at the British for barring on their trade. Without the laws, the colonists still would have revolted for their independence.

The British tightened control by adding new laws. The laws were not the breaking point for the colonists. The whole point of the Stamp act for the British was power and money.
Even without the laws ever happening England would have still been trying to gain control. It relates to the Crusades because without the crusades it could have take years to learn about the riches in India. If the acts were gone the British still would have had the same motives. Without the acts it could have taken years for the British to come up with something that infuriated the colonists. Eventually the British would find some way to try and gain power and money. Something like the taxes would be established and the colonists would have to fight for independence.

Without the acts it could have taken decades for the revolution to happen but eventually it would.

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