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Long Distance Relationships are Impossible

March 26, 2011
By Annabellen GOLD, Bedford, New York
Annabellen GOLD, Bedford, New York
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Long distance relationships are impossible. The relationship between England and us must end because of the disadvantages it is bringing the colonies. We are loosing land expansion opportunities and trade growth opportunities. We are also not doing very well economically because of our limited privileges.

One might say that the proclamation is in the best interest of the colonies, which is false. The English were in debt from the French and Indian war. They didn’t want any more wars with the Indians because that meant more military expenses. They established the proclamation of 1762, whicdoesnt’t let us settle past the Appalachian Mountains. Land is where our income comes from. Land is how the food gets put on our plates. A loyalist might say who will expand if no more English immigrants immigrate. Well, we have enough people to expand already and more are being born to our nation increasing the population. Did you forget that we like England have children who will grow up to be landowners? At the moment, we need the land’s revenue to pay off the taxes the greedy Englishmen have thrown upon us. Without the English the taxes would not be a priority. Not to mention that we have to house another person in our household because of the quartering acts. We not only have to feed our families but we have to quarter to a greedy English soldier. Without the English we would be able to expand the land and create a profit off of it. Expanding does take the risk of further attacks but our militia hasn’t failed miserable yet. If an attack were to start this very moment, England couldn’t help us. If England were under the military control of the colonies it would be there responsibility. But, they are too far away. The news in England is two months old. The steps whether to decide what to do takes about three months and the journey back to the Americas takes another two months. Six months have already passed from the outbreak and England hasn’t helped. The war could have been over already and England is too far away. Communication is too difficult. The soldiers being quartered could help but what if it was worse. The colonists could come up with a plan within a week or two rather than six months from the English. We are willing to limit our safety and not have the powerful English army to be able to have our colonies thrive. If our colonies thrive, then in the future we could see that efforts for an army have started. We wouldn’t need the protection from the English. When a question was asked to Ben Franklin about his opinion on whether it is right for England to protect America, and America pay nothing. He said “That is not the way it is, during the French and Indian war, the colonists had to recruit, cloth and pay almost 25,000 men and millions were spent. The English are not covering everything anyway. Then you question if the colonists don’t thrive from just land then you need England’s help.

We wouldn’t need the English in any way because we would be able to trade all around the world. We manufacture our own goods and make all the raw materials. With the raw materials is what England makes their glass and cloths from. Mercantilism is limiting us from expanding. It basically implies that England as the rulers over the colonies should control the trade. They are encouraging exports and discouraging imports in the colonies. All the trade goods had to be shipped to England first. They had to be checked in England, which put taxes on many of the goods. If the English were not preventing us from trading with the rest of the world we would be doing so much better economically. Our goods would be bought everywhere as well as us importing many goods to our benefit. We wouldn’t have to pay taxes on anything like tea, paper, glass and traded goods. We would only have to pay the taxes that the Americas decide on rather than what parliament decides on. The distance between England and the Americas is too great for success. Thomas Paine said “England so distant from us, and so ignorant of us for if they cannot conquer us, they cannot govern us.” He states the exact same thing as my point. That it takes to long for news to travel and that it is simply foolish to stay as one nation.

It is not fear that should help to decide what your opinion is. That is taken into consideration but it is the opportunities and hope for the better that really matters. A better life and freedom could arise from this chance but you don’t know until you try. It is a risk that could result in a prosperous country.

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This was a history assignment in the form of a debate paper.

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