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Homework: A U.S. Crisis

November 28, 2010
By NYyanks BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
NYyanks BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
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Imagine having to go to school for an unbearable six to seven hours. Then, after a long day at school—you spend one or two hours on doing your homework. Some days, when you have a project—you have to work even longer! All that time that you’re doing work for school can add up to about nine or ten hours each day! Today— children all over the United States are stressed out about homework. HW—the two letters all students hate to hear. Homework is unnecessary; it is a waste of time for students. Although, teachers may say homework helps students work on the materials they learn in school—they are wrong. Actually, students will become overstressed about homework and school, it wastes time that kids could be having fun and playing sports, and students that have hectic schedules never have time to do their homework. Every year, thousands of kids’ grades suffer because they never had time to do their homework, or they had too much going on in their life outside of school. The bottom line is that students don’t have time for homework — unless teachers give a lot less, it’s got to go.

Homework is a lot of extra work for a student to do that has already been gone over in class. After a while, homework can become pretty stressful. Students hate to do their homework because they already had a long day in school—where all they did is learn. Also, homework can overwork a student’s brain, and cause them to get stressed out about school. When kids are stressed out about school, they tend do poorly in their classes, which causes their grades to suffer. Homework does not help you learn the skill you are currently learning in class. It only causes you to overrun with information that is unnecessary, because you have already learned it in class. Another reason that homework should be eliminated is that kids would rather be playing sports instead of being stuck inside writing essays.

Everyone these days is saying that there is a child obesity problem in the US. Didn’t anyone ever think that homework might be a cause of this? Time spent doing homework wastes time that kids could be playing sports or doing other activities. By not being able to get active as much because of homework, it causes some kids to get fat. Sports and other activities help kids maintain a healthy lifestyle, active and enjoyable. If kids don’t get the one hour of physical activity recommended by doctors—they will begin to gain weight and become out of shape. Famous Yankee—Derek Jeter—says that homework takes away the only time that kids have to play sports. Most kids play a sport, or many sports. These sports include: baseball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, basketball, etc. Homework becomes hard to do when they have sports just about every night. Hence, their grades begin to plummet. Also, other than sports—kids have a lot of other activities in their schedules; in addition homework can get in the way of these as well.

Have you ever had an after-school activity; then, after the activity—you had no time to do your homework? Well, for those with busy schedules, this is what happens every night. Homework begins to eat away at the time you have for your after-school activities. Nobody likes having to stay up all night after your activities, just so that you can do your homework. In fact, research shows that nine out of ten students miss at least a few homework assignments each year because they had after-school activities. It is crucial, that homework is cut from schools, because people actually have a life outside of school! How would you like it if you never had time to do anything you wanted to do because of homework? You have to start realizing all the bad effects that homework has on kids—and get rid of it.

You have been told about homework and the terrible effects it has on students. Citizens, now is the time to act—hold a protest about what you think is right! Homework should not be a problem in this country, the U.S.A. However, there is a simple solution—get rid of it! Think about the tired students, spending endless nights doing their homework. Picture their faces, weary and exhausted, after staying up all night. If you never wants to see those faces again—PUT A STOP TO HOMEWORK! Although, teachers may say homework assists students to work on the skills they learn in class—they are absolutely wrong. Actually, students will become overstressed about homework and their classes, it wastes time that kids could be getting active and playing sports, and students that have hectic schedules never have time to do their homework. So once again, help out the students of the U.S.A. and vote for no homework. Maybe students will never have to ear the two evil letters ever again: HW. Hopefully the future will be more like this… Class, attention please! Today’s homework is: NOTHING! Have a great rest of the day!

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