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Corruption as a reason for political and institutional instability in Pakistan

June 16, 2022
By Warisha-213 SILVER, Karachi, Other
Warisha-213 SILVER, Karachi, Other
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First of all, the nation needs to understand the concept of corruption, which is an illegal, unconstitutional and unjustified way of doing official and non-official works of state and in state. It destroys the state reputation internationally just as a termite destroys wood. Pakistan is considered to be the highly corrupted state around the world, which is also a cause that dragged the name of this nation into the grey list. 


Inequalibrium in the structure:

Next, we have the issue of imbalance and inequalibrium in the management of five institutions of the society i.e, political, educational, economical, family and religious institutions which make the structure of any society. Since all the institutions are interrelated and interconnected with each other that is why the issue of corruption is swallowing entire system of state. The recent Transparency International Report exposed the corruption ratio in Pakistan, in which Pakistan ranked 140 out of 180 and scored 28 out of 100. This report clearly indicates that corruption has been increased in Pakistan on a historical level. 


Corruption as a shortcut:

Secondly, most of the population is not literate which somehow becomes the reason that the nation takes corruption not as crime but as a shortcut to solve not only their illegal but legal issues through illegal ways. 

Thirdly, corruption is being the part of routine working too and almost every individual is doing corruption in their own way and according to their resources and status. 

Lastly, the law enforcement agencies are unable and failed to provide corruption free environment in the state of Pakistan since they themselves are involved in corrupt and illegal affairs. 


Corruption in Pakistan since 1947:

Turning to the point of inequalibrium in the management of institutions because of corruption, which is being the cause of losing national reputation internationally. Corruption has been a social problem of Pakistan since Pakistan became independent from colonial rule. Now it looks like corruption is injected into the blood of almost every citizen because the leaders have the virus of corruption too. 

Leaving aside the question of bad management of leaders, taking the verse from Quran which says:

"Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves." Surah Ar-Ra'd [13:11]


Corruption in the blood of people:

In parenthesis, let us not forget that the labour class is the most corrupt class because most of the labours do not do their work sincerely and pretend to be the poorest and innocent people. They do corruption according to their status such as, using low quality cement, block and other concrete materials and demanding the payment of quality material. Also in Ramadan the prices of food, goods, clothing items and other articles go on the top of the sky since corruption occurs a lot and the entire nation starts having profits from the compulsion and helplessness of each other and then blame game starts on the bad governance. 


To sum up, we may state that the leaders are imposed on any nation according to their people. Hence, Pakistan is facing economical, political, educational and social problems owing to its people, who themselves are the puppets of leaders and do the same as the leaders do to fill up their pockets. And then criticism goes on for every five years on each other. 



In conclusion, Pakistan has a strong millitary power which is included in the hard power of any nation but Pakistan has lackings in soft power which is the main cause of corruption too. The countries such as Japan, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland have soft powers, which means the citizens of these countries are well educated and have liberties to stop and speak against corruption and that is why these countries are included in corruption free  or less corrupt countries. Pakistan needs to strengthen its soft power to build a corruption free environment. 

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