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Beth's Crash Course Guide to Being Lonely

March 31, 2021
By Beth_Darling BRONZE, San Diego, California
Beth_Darling BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Loneliness is an interesting feeling. We can be surrounded by people all the time, and still, feel alone. The feeling of loneliness can make you feel separated from the people around you and feel distant. Everyone feels lonely at least once. I believe to never feel lonely. So you might be asking, “Beth what causes loneliness?” Well, my dear reader, some things that can cause loneliness include a great loss of some kind (A death perhaps.), low self-esteem, the end of a relationship. Or physical loneliness such as along move from one place to another. (Or maybe your spending too much time on Twitter I don’t know.)

Loneliness can take a huge toll effect on your health. Mental effects of loneliness include antisocial behavior, higher stress levels, bad decision making, bad memory, loss of sleep, laziness, and craving physical warmth, and other various side effects. It can also lead to the intake of alcohol and drugs. Severe loneliness can lead to depression and suicide. You may think, “Beth, there’s only one level of being lonely!” WRONG. There is a thing called CHRONIC LONELINESS. (Chronic: Long Time) You might not have heard of this. I doubt many people have. It’s basically loneliness but for a crazy amount of time.

Some tips to feel less lonely are to spend time with close friends, do things you enjoy, get some exercise, create something, listen to some of your favorite music or a podcast. Thanks for reading my crazy, weird, crash course to being lonely. 

Drink some water, eat something, take your pills. And remember you are valid. No matter what.  Have a good day/night!  <3

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