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Stereotypical High School

December 13, 2019
By Carleighcovey BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
Carleighcovey BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
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Throughout high school, people tend to notice all the different stereotypical groups, like the ‘too cool for school kids’ or the ‘nerds’. In high school, people also have to overcome several obstacles that may block the student's path to success. Once you add the stereotypical cliques, these obstacles seem to become more problematic. High school is difficult as it is, students shouldn’t be compelled so easily to fit into these cliques. Students should strive to find their own identity.

Acting goofy, unrealistic, or trying to make everyone laugh, turns almost everything into a joke, are some traits of a ‘class clown’. This clique is the most impractical and hilarious group of students. They try to keep the class entertained, but they sometimes go too far. These students tend to find mockery or flying paper airplanes funny by throwing the planes across the class or mocking every action the teacher makes. Practicing these harmless pranks is a one-way ticket to the principal’s office. Students should strive to make school less boring, but not in a way that disrupts the class. 

The ‘too cool for school’ students are the irresistible bad boys that all the rebellious girls get into trouble with. These students tend to be dead asleep on their desks or not paying attention in class at all. Their grades tend to reflect their behavior, but these students are also secretly smart, it just takes a little motivation to encourage them to do their work. During my first year of high school, I saw a lot of these students in my class thinking that not caring was the way to go. In reality, showing no emotion will just get people into more trouble because no one would want to be friends with that student, and teachers might get the wrong impression. Acting like you don’t need school is not the way to go about high school either.

The complete opposite of the ‘too cool for school’ student would be the ‘know it all’. The one that shoots their hand up before the teacher can finish saying the question. The one that looks too uptight for the valedictorian. And of course, this student never misses an opportunity to brag about their organizational skills or how smart they are. Bragging and being too strict about school would turn your high school experience into a meaningless four years.

Lastly, bringing gifts each day for the teachers or always trying to make each teacher smile is the ‘teacher’s pet’. The ‘teacher’s pet’ student wants to pass out papers every time the teacher asks and wants to make sure they know how appreciative they are for them. This student might bring an apple or even a homemade, colorful thank you card. By assuming the role of ‘teacher’s pet’, the students risk being bullied by their peers.

Most students recall these stereotypes but forget about the ‘organized’ and ‘focused’ student. These students have good time management skills as well as good organizational skills to balance school and extracurricular activities. This student also knows how to have fun at the appropriate time, which helps students get through high school. They are also focused on their path to success, asking for adult help when needed and they know their future will be bright. By being organized and focused, high school will help in overcoming obstacles and stereotypes.

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