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Life on Venus

July 8, 2019
By Buchi BRONZE, Gersthofen, Other
Buchi BRONZE, Gersthofen, Other
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In the story “All summer in a day,” the author Ray Bradbury sets the main theme on the planet venus with a rainfall the whole time and only every seven years the sun comes out for just a short amount of time. Therefore seeing the sun or having seen the sun is like a privilege for the people living there. Mainly the author introduces the girl Margot and a few other children in her class. The author uses specific Literary devices such as perspective and specific word choice to introduce the theme, to always consider the outcome of the actions you make.

The story starts of with rest of the Children in the class, to group up against Margot and accuse her of lying. At this point the author uses specific words and phrases, such as “protesting,” “lying,” “Get away!” or “cried savagely.”

 The kids don’t believe Margot about seeing the sun or remembering to have see the sun. Therefore the kids group up against the girl, which makes Margot helpless and it puts her in a situation where the she can not help herself out. At the same time, this also shows how ignorant and jealous the children are because they claim things without having any evidence or reason. What worsens the overall situation is that the girl is too young to have the understanding of stepping out of these situations or how to ignore the children. 

As the novel novel is slowly making its way to the climax on page three column one, the children come up with the idea of locking Margot into a closet while the teacher was gone. During that event the author uses a series of very specific words such as “surged,” protesting,” “pleading,” “slammed,”” beating” and “muffled cries,” to represent the situation in a more dramatic way. This not only relates back to my claim, but it also makes the reader remember that specific event for longer. 

Next off the children walk outside to get a view of the sun coming out. Due to the excitement they forgot that Margot was still locked inside the closet. At this point the teacher did not do any attendance to make sure that every student was present on such a major event, instead the teacher was too selfish and did not think of the other children. This relates back to my claim because the teacher did not think about what he was doing.

After the sun went back down and the children's mood changed to gloomy again. They started to remember that Margot was still locked inside the closet. At the beginning of the story the children were all hyped up and at the end the mood of the children slowly changed to very depressing and regretting, after considering what they have done to Margot. This relates to my claim because the author used the perspective change of the children, at the beginning and at the end of the story. 

In conclusion the author represents the theme, to always consider the outcome of your actions by putting a little girl in the position of being bullied. He also shows how the actions of the other characters are not considered. The author also includes the perspective of the children bullying Margot, at the beginning and at the end of the story. 

Also the setting and place Ray Bradbury chose for the story, changes the overall mood of the story to very depressing. The author also reinforced the whole situation by taking use of specific words in important actions to represent the theme to the reader a lot better and in a more noticeable way.

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