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Five Fun Facts: Saturn

May 6, 2019
By FiveFunFactstor BRONZE, Lebanon, Ohio
FiveFunFactstor BRONZE, Lebanon, Ohio
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Saturn’s Rings

Saturn’s rings are 175 thousand miles across, which means that 700 Earths could fit inside. If the Earth was that huge, oh boy! And just like our planet, the rings of Saturn are bright and shining.

Diamond Rain

You read that one right. It rains diamonds on Saturn! Since Saturn is so big, it has a lot of heat energy and pressure, which can crush things down to as hard as diamonds. If a few of these sparkling gems were to be brought to Earth, the person/company to do it would become some of the richest in the world. If there was a small business of getting extraterrestrial diamonds, or even just other materials from beyond Earth, we may have our first trillionaire.

Saturn’s Moons

Saturn has a lot of moons ー that is, 62 to be exact, the second most in the solar system. Saturn is 17 moons shy of Jupiter’s 79 moons, with Saturn’s largest being Titan. It is the second largest moon in the solar system, even surpassing the size of planet Murcury! Unlike Mercury, though, it isn’t a scorching boulder. It’s ice cold there since it is so far away from the sun.

Saturn’s Atmosphere

Saturn’s atmosphere consists of 75% hydrogen and 25% helium. Considering the helium, I’ll bet anyone to take a safe breath of Saturn’s atmosphere would probably have the world’s highest pitched voice for a time. They would probably sound like a chipmunk since they would be breathing so much helium.

Saturn’s Time

Saturn has rather small days ー around 10 hours and 34 minutes long. That means for every day we spend here on Earth, 2 ½ days would have passed on Saturn. We would have a lot more birthdays and presents then!

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My favorite planet is Saturn, so I decided to share some fun facts about it. Don't try to take it, though, because someone already put a ring on it!

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