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Censorship in Media

April 3, 2019
By aleidance06 BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
aleidance06 BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
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We all want to know what is happening everywhere in the world and to report is the main role of media. Modern media comes in many different forms, including print media, television, movies, videogames, music and of course, the ever famous Internet. Most media involves both content, and also a device or object through which that content is delivered. However, the articles that are given in by journalists, or the blogs made by bloggers, go through an extremely thorough process of editing.


The process starts like this- the first draft about a particular subject is written. Then, it is carefully scrutinized for spelling and grammatical errors. Later on, it is looked through to find any words that may offend, or insult a particular caste, religion or gender. Without this editing, the world would be at war. However, there can be other types of censoring, which can violate our rights of speech. When your own opinions are cut out of articles written by you, it often loses your personal flair. This counter productive action often hurts one’s feelings, and can be illegal.


In my opinion, censoring of abusive language or content is very important. With little children on Instagram and Twitter, they can have access to a world beyond their age. When they often come across crude and vulgar language, they grow up too soon. This is when I support censoring in media.  When tweets are being sexist or racist, I firmly stand for censoring them, as they can truly hurt someone’s feelings.


Sometimes, it can also cut off access to certain pieces of art and writing. For example, all pictures of the painting,‘ God and Adam’ by Michael Angelo have been censored. In Ohio, USA, the book, ’Heather has two Mommies’ had been burnt, banned and defaced in libraries from 1989 till 1999 because of it ‘showcasing’ homosexuality. Even now, some states and countries do not permit books or movies showing signs of homosexuality. Even famous books like the series of ‘Harry Potter’ have been severely challenged. It has said to be seen as too violent, filled with characters that set bad examples, and is not allowed by the Bible’s teachings for its magic and wizardry context.


Censoring in media is neither good nor bad, but is truly important. If used in the right way, it can ensure that no one feels hurt or unaccepted. By the censoring of media, your opinion will be respected only if your opinion respects others.

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Does censorship violate our free speech rights?

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