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Recipe for a Happy Life

May 24, 2018
By Mkeens14 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Mkeens14 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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-1 loving mom
-1 supportive dad
-A single aged big sister
-1 quality beaker of best friends
-A handful of childhood memories
-3 heaps of lessons learned
-A sprinkle of tears shed
-A mountain of laughter
-A dollop of sacrifice or selflessness
-An endless ocean of love


          First, begin with your base of 1 loving mom and 1 supportive dad. Then add a single big sister, but let her age beforehand for a stronger bond. After examining the beaker of best friends for quality, not quantity, add them to the bowl. Next mix in the handful of childhood memories and the 3 heaps of lessons learned. Then prepare the sprinkle of tears shed and slowly incorporate them into your mixture. Use the mountain of laughter to sweeten this bitter addition. After that, don’t forget the dollop of sacrifice. You can also use selflessness in this step for an even more rewarding result. Finally, add the endless ocean of love and mix until thoroughly combined. To finish, pour your mixture into a pan and bake until golden. If prepared correctly, this will last a lifetime.

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