NYC Halloween Terror Attack

November 1, 2017
By BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
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At 3:05 pm on October 31, 2017, a 29-year old man used a rented Home Depot truck to plow through a crowd of cyclists and pedestrians, killing eight and injuring several more. The suspect has been identified as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov of Uzbekistan, who has been a resident of the United States since 2010.

The suspect drove the pickup truck through a popular bike path in Manhattan, New York located just a few blocks from Ground Zero where the 9-11 World Trade Center attacks occurred. This attack is officially the deadliest terror attack in New York City since 9-11. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that “This was an act of terror, and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians.”

The truck was stopped after careening through about four blocks of the path when it collided with a school bus and another vehicle. The suspect then came out of the truck waving imitation firearms until he was shot in the stomach by a police officer. The suspect has been taken into custody and received surgery for his gunshot wound.

A note was found near the wrecked truck stating that his attack was done in the name of ISIS; search warrants have been executed and evidence has linked the suspect to ISIS related activity on social media. However, ISIS has yet to claim responsibility for this attack.

In the past, ISIS has encouraged and recruited members via social media to commit such acts of “lone wolf” terror including use of makeshift weapons—such as vehicles—if guns and bombs were not available to them.

We are here to listen, and we want to hear from you. Have you or a loved one been affected by this tragedy or other similar tragedies? Is there a way to prevent horrific events like the one we witnessed on Halloween? Are there current policies enacted in the United States that you agree or disagree with? Could we do more as a country to stop these incidents from reoccurring? What feelings do these terroristic attacks evoke in you?


We mourn the loss of these innocent lives. Our thoughts are with our nation and all who were affected by this horrible attack. Share your thoughts, responses, opinions, art, and your VOICE with other teens around the nation. To submit, please visit:

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on Nov. 6 2017 at 9:48 am
WolfWhisperer0911 DIAMOND, Crosby, Texas
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@Harsen Well said.

Harsen said...
on Nov. 2 2017 at 1:01 pm
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No one I know personally was affected by this. I didn't even know this attack happened. No news or media covered this well enough for me to even hear about it. The government cannot stop these attacks, because everyday more and more guns are produced. The use of a vehicle being used is no different from using a gun because you get the same results. If you give a terrorist a gun, they'll shoot at their target. If you give a terrorist a car, they'll run their target over. Give a terrorist time and they get access to whatever they want. The man being a 7 year US resident just shows that there are more people we don't even know about yet still in the US that could have been born here in 1980's just waiting for their time. I have no fear in anything besides anything in the water that I can't identify. If a terrorist attack would happen to me I would not be afraid. Life is just a thought. We will all die one day, could be from a train, natural causes, allergic reaction, weapons of mass destruction, etc.. The fear of death is the most pointless fear ever. Once you're dead, you're dead. There's no saying "I'll just wait until tomorrow to have a heart attack". Not many people realize that death will come upon us all sometime or later. Some people get to see 100 years, some people don't get to see 18, but that's just life (or death). Obviously not wanting to die is a big fear but sometimes you have no choice of death. The terrorist saw his life as sold to ISIS, so he follows the commands of the leader. He has something in his head telling him that his mission is to spread terror over the US as a threat. The government doesn't understand that as long as we bomb and kill ISIS, they'll just keep killing and terrorizing the US. Since ISIS is a terrorist organization, we have no choice but to either kill all of the, or kill none of them. There will always be conflict in the world. That's just society having different point of views on a subject.

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